How do I place an order?
Simply click on the Shop link then choose the product. Fill out the requested details, if necessary, before you click the Add to Cart button.

How long is the lead time in creating a baby name art and/or baby monthly stickers?
As soon as payment is received & confirmed, we can start working on your baby name art! Inital drafts are sent thru Viber so make sure you indicate your Viber number after ordering. See product details for more information. However, for custom baby monthly stickers, it can take from 2-4 business days for completion, depending on the current load.

Payment Info

  • Offline payment cutoff is everyday at 12:00nn MNL time. Please make sure you send a copy of the deposit slip thru Viber: 0917-8700167 or 0927-8313000.
  • Payments received through Paypal are automated. Once acknowledgement receipt has been received, please contact us thru Viber & provide the Order Id so we can start with the baby name art.

Shipping Details

  • Payment cutoff is everyday at 12:00nn MNL time, Monday to Saturday unless stated otherwise.
  • We ship everyday if payment is received prior to cutoff, otherwise, it will be shipped the following (business) day.

 Courier: The Express Guy & LBC Express

Shipping Rates:

Since the baby name art is properly packaged, especially for framed ones, we have a custom packaging used. It is weighed & measured by the courier upon pickup to determine the chargeable weight.

Chargeable weight is ACTUAL WEIGHT (3kgs) vs. VOLUMETRIC/DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT, whichever is higher. To compute for the volumetric weight:

Length x Width x Height (cm) / 3500

Tracking Your Package:
To track your packages thru The Express Guy, enter your tracking number here.
To track your packages thru LBC Express, enter the tracking number here.

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  1. Hi! How much for customized wall art sticker? Size is 11×12 inches. I can send you the design i like. Rush order please. It’s for my baby boy’s nursery. Thanks!

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